You are told by us 6 Secrets of Tantric Lesbian Sex

You are told by us 6 Secrets of Tantric Lesbian Sex

Is Tantric intercourse a ‘thing’ for ladies who’ve intercourse with females? Just how can we’ve deeper closeness and ecstatic sex for a daily basis? My sex life with my woman is stale, how do I recreate the excitement?

Weekly we have concerns from ladies who have sexual intercourse with ladies about how precisely they are able to experience better, more connected intercourse (on a normal basis). We myself have actually explored the field of Tantra with a lady enthusiast, and thus I’m here to give some secrets I’ve learnt on the way about Tantric sex that is lesbian.

no. 1 Sex just isn’t about the finish objective of clitoral orgasm

All all too often we fall under the trap of chasing the top ‘O’. Truth is, whenever we are focussed from the end aim of a top clitoral orgasm, we’re passing up on the ability of deep connection and closeness with your girl.

We begin to notice subtle sensations in our body that are actually all orgasmic sensations when we take the focus off clitoral orgasm. And thus, as soon as we increase our concept of orgasm, our connection with orgasm expands, and much more usually than maybe perhaps perhaps not we start to experience deeper, whole human anatomy orgasmic experiences, and a larger closeness and level of love than in the past.

#2 Connect at all three centres

If you wish to experience Tantric sex along with your girl, we encourage you to definitely redefine just exactly what sex is actually for you as a few – start to approach intercourse as a chance to profoundly connect at all three centers – your intercourse centre, your heart centre, along with your awareness. Whenever we link after all three centers the intercourse goes from good, to ecstatic.

We talk in level in regards to the three centres within my eBook that is new – ECSTATIC SEX & DEEP INTIMACY.

# 3 Create an attractive sacred space

Traditional Tantric sex can be really ritualistic and ceremonial. Arranged a gorgeous room in your property in which you desire to relate solely to your lover. I encourage the utilization of palo and sage santo to clean the area, alongside the usage crystals, incense, candles, music etc. ensure that the area is obvious of every junk and items which don’t provide you. Get this area sacred.

Obtain A ritual kit from my web store and employ it to clean your sacred area.

number 4 produce a party between your masculine and feminine power within you both

Tantra thinks that people all (whether our company is in a lady or male body) have actually the masculine and feminine (yin and yang) power within us. The masculine power is penetrative, holds area, is profoundly current, and witnesses without judgement. The womanly is soft, surrendered, susceptible and gets.

In sex between two ladies it is essential that there’s polarity between your females. This implies one woman is more inside her ‘feminine’, as well as the other is more in her own ‘masculine’. Needless to say, there may be a party between your two. This notion took me personally a month or two to comprehend and even longer to certainly master with my lover that is female including this into our love making entirely changed our sex life!

Find out about this idea (and exactly how to introduce it into lesbian intercourse) inECSTATIC SEX & DEEP INTIMACY indian brides at, or book in 1:1 mentoring session beside me.

number 5 enable feeling to flow

I utilized to imagine whilst making love … this is truly the series thing a woman can do that I had to ‘be’ sexy when I was having sex … what I wasn’t taught was how to allow ALL emotion to flow through me. Whenever intimate energy sources are flowing, and deep closeness is believed, we are able to usually feel sadness, anger, betrayal … a number of feeling floats as much as the top, also it’s fine to state that! Enable the rips to move, the anger to roar … in Tantric intercourse each is welcome.

# 6 Breathe

Incorporating breathing into sex is life-changing. Make an effort to inhale together, syncing with every other’s breathing … becoming one. You both, and heighten orgasmic sensations when you feel heightened and turned on, use the breath to move the sexual energy up from your sex centre and into your heart space … this will deepen your heart connection, create more electricity between.

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